Will Destiny's "friend" still be using @DestiDarko to tweet in 6 months?
closes Jul 1

@DestiDarko needs to have made a tweet within 2 weeks of July 1, which looks like June 18th. Otherwise this will resolve NO.

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johnleoksis predicting YES at 97%
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johnleoksis predicting YES at 88%
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Aghis predicting NO at 95%

@AlexLiesman Will this market resolve NO if Destiny stops using the account and doesn't tweet at all between now and July 1st?

If your answer to that question is yes, then my follow-up question would be: What's the minimum amount of inactive days for this market to resolve NO?

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Alex...is predicting NO at 97%

@Agh You make a very good point. It feels like if there are no more tweets I don't think it should be considered that he is actively using the account, but I'm not sure what a fair cutoff is for if there is another tweet on the account. If anyone has suggestions I'm all ears.

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higherLEVELINGis predicting NO at 97%

@AlexLiesman maybe comparing to his main account and seeing the frequency, itll paint a better picture as to how much or really how little he uses the other acc.

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Aghbought Ṁ15 of NO

@AlexLiesman I'd suggest two weeks but I'm obviously biased

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Alex...is predicting NO at 93%

@Agh Two weeks sounds good for as much as he's online.

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Aghis predicting NO at 98%

There's still a chance he will stop using the account again before July. Copium

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johnleoksis predicting YES at 98%

He just posted from that account yesterday.

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Aghbought Ṁ100 of NO

He will probably stop using destidarko now that Omniliberal has been unbanned.

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