Will the Destiny vagueposting announcement be a rugpull or something actually serious?
resolved Dec 11

Destiny has been mostly off-stream for the past few days, and has been vagueposting about something serious he's been dealing with. The 30th or the 1st is when Destiny says he will announce what he's been dealing with, and that the changes associated with the issue will cause a "massive improvement" in his personal & streaming life.

Will the announcement on the 30th or the 1st be a rugpull similar to the Keffals Manifesto, or will it be an actual serious change that Destiny has been alluding to?

This market will close when the announcement is made, or on 2024-01-01.

Speculation thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Destiny/comments/185jwbj/the_thread_to_speculate_about_the_impending_drama/

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resolved to Serious. vagueposting was about relationship issues, was not a rugpull manifesto drop

bought Ṁ200 of Rugpull YES


ok current stream title sounds rugpully as fuck, still sitting at like 0.05% rugpull in my head

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FYI: While I absolutely cannot see this resolving to 'rugpull', I agree just on principle we can wait a week or two to resolve this.

@jacksonpolack agreed - love your drip paintings by the way!

@jacksonpolack If Destiny does a Hasan manifesto in addition to getting divorced then I lose some bets but it's fine, AS LONG AS the divorce itself isn't a rugpull. But if Destiny faked the Mel drama I will lose almost Ṁ50,000 LOL. Some of that loss would be due to losing bets on whether or not I will default on my loans. When you factor in those loans I owe to people, my net worth is only Ṁ20,000, so I would be very underwater.

@conradgetty waiting until first stream to officially resolve. balls to you for buying rugpull LMAO

@conradgetty i will say, if BY SOME ACT OF GOD this does end up being a rugpull and he releases a Hasan manifesto, it'd singlehandedly be the most legendary thing destiny has ever done.

?? why buy yes??

it's essentially confirmed this is not rugpull, but will wait for stream to resolve

@AlexKirigiya https://clips.twitch.tv/PlacidDifferentKimchiMau5-SAyRYV8XYclwZrw0

In the recent whatever podcast Destiny's opponents took a shot at him for getting divorced, and he just had to take it on the chin. The existence of actual drama is 100% confirmed at this point. Resolving would be super appreciated to free up this mana!

i think there's basically no way it's a rugpull at this point, market should probably be resolved but no announcement made yet so it's gonna stay up ig

@AlexKirigiya Yeah the biggest problem with these markets is that the new info is dripping out so slowly. When would it resolve if we don't here anything more.

@AlexKirigiya No one would get mad at you for resolving it now I think. If you close it now and it later turns out that it actually was literal fake drama for a rugpull, I'll gift you 3k mana.

set the resolve to 2024-01-01 if there's no announcement.