Will the Bridge Burn: Destiny & Kelly Jean in 2024
Dec 31

Bridge burn is pretty subjective, but the market will ultimately determine a definition. If Destiny says the bridge is burned (seriously) and can provide a reason, then that is enough to resolve this market.

If Destiny blocks them, gets blocked, or if one party refuses to do content with the other, this will count.

Bridge repairs will not save this market. Resolution within 2 weeks of a clear bridge burn (e.g. Brittany Simon being blocked, or MrGirl's stream ban, etc.)

Some less-clear bridge burns, e.g. Fuentes, Vaush, Hasan, Fanatic, are determined by one party's desire to do content where the other party will not. These may take several weeks/months to resolve where unclear.

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Why do people think this bridge will burn? She's hanging out with Destiny's kid now, that means she's basically family, locked in bridge unassailable

bought Ṁ200 NO from 51% to 40%

You're coping. She has like one, two more bad faith fuckups before shes out for good. Kelly is going to speed run this, I can feel it in my taint

bought Ṁ50 NO from 34% to 33%
opened a Ṁ2,500 NO at 33% order

I put a limit at market price, all yours if you want it

Ive got no liquidity at the moment, may close out some positions to take this action. 2:1 odds is a bargain

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I'm ideologically committed to team Kelly but not gonna lie it's gettin a little sweatstiny out here

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Going into Nathans discord channel to complain to him about his dad is next level

bought Ṁ250 YES

Lav comparison launched

bought Ṁ100 YES

he called her the c word things are heating up

I am really glad the bridge burn format is continuing, I love these markets & im honoured my description/criteria were worthy of being reused!

Imo the bridge burns are a better (resolving) version of stocks. I’d rather people talked about the bridge burn stocks!

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@Tumbles I won big on last year's version, and I'll win big on this one by the end of the year. Why? Because KELLY JEAN BRIDGE IS ROCK SOLID ANCIENT ATLANTEAN ARCHITECTURE. IT WILL WEATHER ANY STORM. CARRY ANY BURDEN.

Kelly haters cope and seethe

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