Will Destiny reach 735k subscribers in November?
resolved Dec 1
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In general it seems like Destiny's sub count can be linearly projected (for now)

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(for real now) resolves NO

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@PunishedFurry we got 20 minutes until it's done. they might be in Alaska or they are asleep.

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do we think he will hit this in the next five hours?

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@JosephMartinjr3rdcoyote do you know if there's a way to get a more precise number than a 1k sub range? if that was known it would be easier to make the call imo

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728k right now.
732-734k seems more likely so far by daily average gain falling everyday the past few days, still half the month to go though. The chart average does show around 736k though but it has been dropping.

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He's releasing way more videos than last month due to Debatecon and having caught up on Israel/Palestine. Hence my bullishness.

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Destiny is doing like 1k/3days right now, why is this market so high

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@SavioMak Speculation on a spike with the Shapiro debate. That probably won't be out in November. That's my guess.

@MagniorBjornsson the socialblade future projections graph suggests he hits 735k by 25th-26th nov which might also explain it

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@GoodGrief Those socialblade projections are more often that not too optimistic, and they seem to expect some exponential growth, which isn't really happening.

@Agh Sure, I'm not arguing for its accuracy, I'm suggesting potential rationales