Will destiny reach 712k subscribers in September?
resolved Oct 1
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Resolves NO.

err wrong comment place, why can't i delete this?

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What timezone is this closing at

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You can see the close time in the market details by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner. It will show the close time in your time zone.

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@Agh One thing that I have noticed is that socialblade stopped displaying the last several digits in a channel's subscriber count, even on their "live sub count" feature back in 2019. Even on the YouTube page itself, it no longer displays the full number, only on the creator's dashboard. I'm going to see if you get the actual, full amount back from requesting it from the API or not

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I just wanted to bring attention to this masterpiece of a banner for this market. Immaculate artistic skills, truly profound.

@JamesColiar hang this in the fucking louvre

It’s gonna happen, August is already pushing out videos basically in real time.

@CAPSLOCKDAVE Probably insider trading smh

It's gonna happen, you'll see

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I'm all in bby!

Don't worry, I bet "YES" here and 711K on the multiple choice so no-one else has to trick themselves into getting the arbitrage.

I think we're gonna make it, gonna squeak right over that line. Have faith y'all.

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334 implies almost exactly 1K every 3 days (if not slowing down from the 2-day 1K jump 9/17-9/19). Think we are going to be a day short unless we get something juicy today or tomorrow

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@Stoppunting we've got something juicy, he's in DC right now, Vaush is there and so are a bunch of other peeps

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@dieselbaby1337 Daily average bumped up to +367, you just might be right

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August please

He will hit the Obamna boost.

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@DeadXsoldier It'll hit too late.

Easy yes, he's going to the white house

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It's gonna be close

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@SophusCorry seems like a very close yes