Will destiny move in 2024?


Destiny changes his place of residence pretty frequently and he only moved to Miami because of Melina. Although he will probably stay there for a while because he is still on a lease.

Resolution Criteria:

Resolves to yes if Destiny changes his permanent place of residence in 2024.

Edge cases:

  • In case the moving process starts close to the end of 2024, then he has to spend at least one night at the new place for this to resolve yes.

  • If he stays away at another place for 3+months and doesn't return home (e.g. traveling or crashing at somebody's place permanently), I'd count that as technically moving too

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Lol honestly this kinda stuff

If he is in the process of moving in December 2024 and the move finishes in January 2025

like in the divorce market, is more confusing than it is helpful

imo you should just make it resolve end of Jan 2025 if that's how you want to do it, or better define the pain point. In this case, that's what counts as "moving", and by adding that clause you changed it to "in the process of moving" which is still something you would have to define

So this ends up still being less clear than, "will he move before end of Jan 2025", or just having a hard cut off at end of 2024 like the title suggests

There's nothing really wrong with it, but it seems like bad form and I hope we don't see it more

@Gen The curse of trying to clarifying the edge cases and in the process making the market more confusing. I appreciate the comment and changed my criteria.

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