Will a new destiny video reach 500k views in September 2023?
resolved Oct 1

Resolves yes if a video posted in September on destiny's main channel reaches 500k views before 1/10/2023

Livestreams and Youtube shorts don't count.

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@Agh Interesting, might be a good play for a long shot, I think I might get down on that

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@Agh yup, I'm down to risk 100 mana on this, if it happens, huge payout.

When does this market resolve? i.e. when is it considered to be October 1st, what time zone? UTC?

@Agh you can see the close time in the market details, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the page and it will show the time in your timezone.

@dieselbaby1337 the video I linked seemed like a promising candidate, but it's not gaining views quickly enough to hit the target in time.

predicted YES

@Agh yah i realized that a bit too late, taking a loss on it

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No chance this happens, if you go through his published videos on his channel, it's been a few months since he last had a video that hit north of 500k, and it took a little bit for that video to reach such a view count.

Barring some extremely rare unforeseen event, I would say there's a much lower than 23% chance of this possibly happening in the next 10 days. Easy money.