[Planecrash] Jvyy Xrygunz wbva Vbzrqnr be gel gb qrfgebl gur jbeyq vs ur yrnirf Nonqne?
Jul 14
M$3,053 bet
Conditional on Keltham ceasing to be a cleric of Abadar, will he become a servant/ally of Iomedae (YES), or try to destroy the world? (NO). (If he does neither, this question resolves N/A. If he tries to destroy the world as a servant of Iomedae, this question resolves N/A unless Iomedae ceases her alliance with him, in which case it resolves NO. If there is no answer within 30 days, resolve N/A)
Aevylmar bought M$25 of NO
I am buying NO whenever it gets above 50% until I run out of money or discover I'm wrong.
Aevylmar bought M$100 of NO
I publicly declare that I started this market with the belief that the answer will be NO so people could call me on my claimed belief.