Will I get covid this week?
resolved Sep 23
  1. I've never had covid (at least no symptoms or testing positive), despite being exposed to people who did have covid (though pre-symptomatic) many times over the past few years, both indoors and outdoors.

  2. I'm triple vaxxed, though the last boost was a long time ago.

  3. I just spent ~6 hours with someone with no symptoms yesterday (the 14th). This person woke up this morning (the 15th) with symptoms, took a covid test, and it was positive.

  4. edit: Unsure if relevant, but I currently have a mild throat tickle, which started before hanging out with my friend. This is not uncommon for me so I'm not super worried, but 1/10 times I get this sensation it does turn into some sort of illness. (If I get sick with clearly not-covid symptoms, or repeatedly test negative, it doesn't count)

Will I start showing covid symptoms at any point this next week? For this market to resolve 'yes' I need to either:
Have covid-compatible symptoms bad enough that I don't attend a public event, or wouldn't attend if there were one
OR test positive for covid (rapid test)
by the end of 9/22/23

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Update: Morning of 19th, feel fine
(though I am sneezing, but this is probably because a cat has crawled into my lap and I'm allergic but i cannot shoo it, it is too cute)

Update; Morning of the 18th, feel totally fine

How often are you rapid testing?

@KatjaGrace I haven't rapid tested. I have a few tests ready and plan to take them as soon as I experience a symptom. I haven't tested cause historically in situations like these I've rapid tested a ton when asymptomatic and it never went positive.

@KatjaGrace Rapid tested this evening, negative. Still no symptoms.

Update: Morning of the 17th, I feel totally fine

Update: Morning of the 16th, I feel totally fine