What will be the average verified review score of Bostrom's "Deep Utopia: Life and Meaning in a Solved World"?
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Nick Bostrom's new book "Deep Utopia: Life and Meaning in a Solved World" is set to release soon.

I've set a bounty (https://manifold.markets/AdamK/verified-user-reviews-of-bostroms-d) for Verified Manifold users / Mods, or anyone with more than 200 Karma across their LW/EAF accounts, to leave a review of the book with a rating out of 10. I will award 1000 Mana bounties to at least 10 reviews; more if anyone is willing to additionally subsidize that question. If you're a user eligible to receive a bounty, you can commit to leaving a review on that market even if you don't already have the book.

This market resolves to the average score of every review posted before 5/1 which receives a bounty.

Reviewers are asked to use the following vibes-based rating scale, incorporating their reaction to the book stylistically and intellectually in roughly equal measure. Note that the scale is very demanding near the top:

10 - Life-changing and irreplaceable. May likely be your favorite intellectual contribution of the past ten years.

9 - Exceptionally valuable; completely reframes your worldview; uniquely rewarding and important. May likely be your favorite intellectual contribution released in the past five years. You think the book will have a momentous legacy.

8 - Incredibly satisfying. Stylistically and argumentatively compelling, even if you have slight nitpicks with parts of the book. You couldn't put it down. May likely be your favorite intellectual contribution released in the past year or two.

7 - Excellent; a distinctly unique and piercing contribution. You may take issue with certain stylistic or argumentative choices, but altogether they feel heavily outweighed by what you appreciated in the book. You think the book contributes a rich vocabulary that will eventually become mainstream in the same way as parts of Superintelligence.

6 - Valuable and thought provoking. A challenging and stimulating reading experience. You enjoyed yourself thoroughly while reading, but some sections are abrasive, overly dense, or have notable argumentative flaws. Intellectually, the book feels ahead of its time.

5 - Great. You enjoyed yourself overall and found the experience worthwhile, but with flaws that were hard to ignore and which notably distracted from the reading experience. The book may represent the intellectual frontier of its subject, but is not a leap beyond everything that came before.

4 - Just good. You enjoyed yourself overall, and perhaps you found the book insightful, but it became a slog at times that you had to force yourself through. Though interesting, you expect many central claims of the book will age poorly, and/or that it does not move much past prior literature.

3 - Barely worth your time on balance. Interesting in parts, but otherwise highly flawed. Significant intellectual issues, and/or highly unsatisfying stylistic components. You found yourself wanting to stop often while reading. You do not expect this book to be seen as particularly insightful by the end of the decade.

2 - Highly mediocre, boring, and/or confused. Irredeemable intellectual flaws. Overall not worth your time. You may have stopped reading, but you made it through at least the first half.

1 - Actively very bad. You tried, but couldn't get past the first half of the book, and don't want to finish it.

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