Will Kamala Harris be the Vice President of the United States of America at 11:59PM ET on January 20th 2025?

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At what time of day?

@Radicalia My interpretation of the question as worded is that any time of day would do, but we should still ask in what time zone.

@LukeHanks the point is, if Biden/Harris lose the election a new VP is sworn in on that day. This question serves as a proxy for a few different things: the election outcome, Biden dying, Biden chosing a different VP.

In all situations, except Biden dying, she will be VP in the morning, but may not be after 12pm. The time of day is relevant to how this resolves.

@Mec_1986 By EOD

@Radicalia @LukeHanks I have updated the question to further clarify. I probably should’ve just said 1/21/2024 but specifically resolves at 11:59PM Eastern Time on Jan 20th, 2024.

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