Will Destiny appear with Jesse Lee Peterson before Sep 21st 2023?
closes Sep 21

Destiny's last appearance with JLP was Sep 21st 2021, making Sep 2021-Sep 2022 a JLP-free year. Will Destiny make this 2 years, and not appear with JLP before Sep 21st 2023?

Despite the >1 year without Destiny, JLP has had Mr. Girl and Mr. Fanatiq as guests, perhaps implying his producers are still interested in the DGGverse. But will Destiny himself return?

This will resolve yes if Destiny appears live on the JLP show, or JLP appears on Destiny's channel, or they both interact on a third party channel, before Sep 21st 2023.

A live appearance meaning an actual interactive conversation, not one playing a video of the other. The video can be pre-recorded, and the interaction can be via call, but must involve the two speaking to each other.

This market will resolve no if September 21st 2023 and there has been no such interaction.

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