Will Bill Belichick get a TV gig before the end of the 2024/25 NFL season?

ABC/ESPN, NBC, FOX, CBS, Amazon Prime

Pundit, analyst, presenter, etc.

Can have contract signed, but OK if he doesn't officially start before market close

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Should resolve Yes.

@Bruce54df Apologies for the delay on this, I really would like to resolve this, but I still haven't seen anything official come out about the contract in all of this. Peyton would be the ultimate authority I suppose, but it might still be part of contract negotiations, trying to hype it up so that Belichick is inclined to sign. 99% certain it will resolve YES, but I would really prefer to wait for an official press release or for it to come from Belichick to keep true to resolution criteria in the description.

@10thOfficial Reasonable approach. Thanks

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Shouldn't this resolve YES? Belichick will be part of the live "Manning Cast" on ESPN.

Peyton Manning says Bill Belichick will be a permanent weekly ManningCast guest, which should actually be fun (msn.com)

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