Will OpenAI make GPT3.5 or 4 model weights open before 2025?
Dec 31

OpenAI has been criticized for not being as open as the name indicated. Recently, they've released the weights of some non-LLM models on their dev day.


Do you think they release their LLM weights?

  • GPT3.5 or superior models only count.

  • Modified models (such as distrilled models) are also counted if that is derived from them.

  • This resolves to YES when a public announcement of open access is made and some people outside OpenAI have known to access to the model.

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Does this resolve as YES if the weights were leaked instead of officially/voluntarily released?

@WilliamEhlhardt Good point! The subject of the title is OpenAI, so I want to stick with it. A breach itself is NO. But when later the weights are voluntarily released, then YES.

FYI, Theres already some markets for leaks.


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