Will I get a job by the end of this year?
resolved Jan 2

Graduated in May. Major is Math/CS. I've applied to ~35 entry level-ish roles- mostly in software engineering. Happy to relocate. Haven't received a callback or interview from anyone, only one prescreen test.

Will I get a job (assuming I accept) for a SWE position by the end of this year?

I won't bet in this market.

Edit: 9/1/23

I have two interviews scheduled for next week. One is in person and the other is over the phone. I like both companies and would enjoy working with either of them.

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How's the job search going @whalelang

How much time are you spending applying and interviewing? ~35 means about one application every 3 days. Is that your current pace or are you speeding up / slowing down?

@DrewVolpe Speeding up, i’d say it comes out to 3.8/week.

I'm going to take a chance and bet NO on this market.

I just laid off two people and the (anecdotal) impression I get is that something changed in the economy during the last two weeks. All of a sudden, it's possible to get real contractors to show up to actually do work again, for example. Last year, the economy was so messed up that 95% of people I tried to hire for anything - developers or just to do simple household things like painting - were scams.

In addition to the economy having changed, I also personally decided that I will no longer hire entry-level developers because I don't feel they can contribute more than GPT-4. If, after winding down my involvement in the cryptocurrency industry, I move into something new, I will either retain my existing or hire new senior engineers that can use GPT-4 to accomplish the type of entry-level coding that new developers are often assigned.

Unfortunately, I think that you're in the wrong field, and that's why you're having difficulty. There's no way that you could have known, but you would probably already be working and would have the potential to make more money if you had gone to school to become a plumber or welder.

On a separate note that has nothing to do with AI and the economy, it is true that 99% of the job applicants on online sites are scams. I never found a single online applicant who truthfully represented himself, so I stopped using those sites. See if you can find some way to show up in person somehow. My guess is that regardless of how promising computer science is right now, applying online just gets you lumped in with all the scam resumes.

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