Will any of the four main characters of Severance die in season 2?

Mark, Helly, Dylan, and Irving

Death between season 1 and 2 also counts, assuming season 2 takes place after 1.

Specifically medical death (brain death, no heartbeat, etc).

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Is there some way to say “I don’t want to see any markets made about X TV show?” Not that this isn’t an interesting market, but I don’t want to be spoiled when it resolves. (And I know I can hide/block THIS market, but I assume there will be others similar to it)

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@dominic You can block topics. So if you block the "severance" tag (well, actually block both because I accidentally created a duplicate) you won't see anymore questions tagged with that. The tagging isn't perfect and you still might see questions that haven't been tagged properly but I believe that is the best way to achieve what you want.

To block a tag you can go to the browse page (https://manifold.markets/browse) and click on the three dots on the topic sidebar (might only be on desktop). Then click on blocked topics. Then you can add any topics you don't want to see (Severance, apple tv+, TV, Television & Film, etc.)

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