Will I be able to participate in a Discord thread within Beeper by the end of the year?
Jan 1, 2023
M$10 bet
Beeper (https://www.beeper.com/) is a service that allows users to consolidate their chats into a single app. I use it for Discord, among other things. Many discord servers I participate in use threads, and I would like to participate in those threads via Beeper, but it currently lacks that functionality. There's a few things I think need to happen before this is possible. Beeper is currently rewriting the discord bridge, and that need to ship before threads are even a possibility. After that they will need to implement a new threading view in the app. Element has already implemented this experimentally, so it shouldn't be too bad. On the other hand, they may wait until all threading/relationship MSCs are officially merged in 1.4 (https://spec.matrix.org/). Threaded messaging isn't on the official roadmap, but it is a highly-requested feature (https://blog.beeper.com/p/product-roadmap-april-2022). This market resolves YES if, in the official Beeper android or desktop app, I can join and send a message in a Discord thread any time before 2023. If I stop using Beeper, I will try to keep track of its capabilities and resolve appropriately.