Will my wife be cool about it if I tell her I want to go buy a Playstation 13?
resolved Mar 28

My wife is not a gamer and has an average awareness of technology and pop culture. We have joint finances. I'm not a console gamer, though we have a Switch that my kids play.

I'm going to approach her out of the blue and say "Hey the new Playstation 13 just came out. It's $500. Would it be cool if I bought one on the way home from work tomorrow?"

Her "being cool about it" requires that both A) she seems fine with me spending that much money this way, and B) she isn't thrown by the fact that the Playstation 13 does not exist.

Seeming fine includes being indifferent (~"Sure, whatever you want") or supportive (~"Sounds fun!") If she seems reasonably hesitant (~"Hmmmm, are you sure we should spend that much money?") or outright opposed (~"Do not spend $500 on that") then obviously this resolves to a No.

If she questions the existence of the Playstation 13 or appears to be bouncing off that element much at all, this also resolves to a No.

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Conversation this morning as we were getting our day going:

Me: “Oh hey the new PlayStation 13 just came out. Can I grab one? They’re like $500.”

Her: “Sure, what are you going to play on it?”

Me: “Not sure. Okay so I’ll buy it?”

Her: “Yeah. Can you go get the kids dressed for school?”

She didn’t bat an eye!

@Creature Wow! She is a treasure!

I'm predicting that she'll respond "...Playstation 13?" and immediately express a bit of doubt about the iteration number in the name — or hesitance about the price of the purchase.

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Can you give us an idea for your household's budget for random tech purchases? How new are your phones? What decile of income are you in?

@DavidFWatson A tech purchase of this size would be high for us but not unprecedented. As an example, six months ago I bought a robotic vacuum for around $500. In that case I did discuss with her prior, she thought it sounded fine. We have iPhone 10 and 9s.

@Creature Thanks, although there was no iphone 9

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@DavidFWatson Ha, sorry! I knew it was the one one before the 10, but yeah that's the 8.

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