Will I be able to create a manifold bot that can react to other users trades by 5/28/24?
May 29

I got pwned by bots my first day on the site, and now I vaguely want to make my own.

This will resolve "YES" If I have an account labeled as a bot on the leader boards that functionally makes trades automatically, even if they are really shit noise trades like "Bet 10 for yes on the first question posted each day"

Specifically I want to make a noobbuster bot, that find accounts under a week old and automatically bets opposite of them for some fraction of their bet, the assumption being new users not fully grasping prediction markets and get beaten out by older users predictions, and I steal some of their yummy loot, and correcting markets against the noob factor very slightly.

I have a BS in comp sci.

If you want to get some bonus context, check out my personal website:


Im going to bet my own odds at ~80%, with my limiting factor being my ADHD and other random projects popping to mind.

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Progress update: Totally forgot about this the day after I made the post lol, going to be busy for most of April and may, odds are not good