Will dolphin-assisted births increase the poverty gap by 2030?
resolved Feb 29

dolphin-assisted births have been proven to be very effective. even getting some babies into harvard! but they are difficult to afford, and many marginalized communities don't have access :(

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Re-resolving this to N/A. Don't defraud users or I'll ban you.

@SirSalty all you do is cave to the cry babies in the comments, rich people are going to harvard because of this, and harvard graduates make more money, so the poverty gap has increased.

i won't be taking anymore questions, but this is undoubtedly true and resolved.

@sxgada So please share your evidence. ?!

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@sxgada thanks for extending the close time so I could pull out of this market and block you

@Pykess i actually was having a really bad day, and you just made it way worse

Uhhh can we get this un-resolved mods? @Joshua ?

@Pykess it already happend

@sxgada Please provide any evidence for this practice increasing the poverty gap.

@Pykess @Joshua You should probably also NA his other markets, @sxgada is clearly trolling.

Wacky as it is, this market is still more economically literate than the ones about what billionaires should or shouldn't do.

I feel like that's the symptom and not the cause of inequality.


@Pykess This is the most insane pseudoscience thing I've seen so far this year.

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@sxgada back me up on this one @PaulDwyer

@sxgada I'm trying my best not to have a stroke, I really am.

@Pykess I can't believe this has been happening for over a decade, and I'm just hearing about it: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dolphin-assisted-birth-nice-or-nuts/

@houstonEuler And the market creator says it's "proven to be very effective" and then cites a tiktok lmao

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what do you think about this one @PaulDwyer

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