When will the Factorio expansion "Factorio: Space Age" be released?
Nov 2
Prior to 2024 August
2024 August
2024 September
2024 October
After 2024 October, or never

Factorio: Space Age is a paid expansion pack for the video game Factorio that is currently in development.

Back on 2023-08-25, the Factorio developers predicted release "about one year from now" (https://www.factorio.com/blog/post/fff-373).

Manifold is currently optimistic that this expansion will indeed be released in 2024 (https://manifold.markets/Ernie/the-factorio-expansion-will-be-rele-c2dc17941098 is at 82% at time of writing). This question is about predicting the expansion's release date with higher precision.

I will resolve this question when the expansion pack is released for general purchase (on any of https://www.factorio.com/buy, GOG or Steam) or 2024-11-01, whichever comes first.

Limited-access alpha or beta versions do not count as releases for the purpose of this question. Any version available for general purchase does count, regardless of if it is called "beta", "early access" or such.

If it matters the release date will be judged as UTC time.

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