How many dicks will I suck as a fluffer at Aella's Birthday Gangbang?
resolved Feb 24
1 - 5
6 - 12
13 - 29
30-50 Feral Hogs

This gangbang will have fluffers (myself and around 10 other ladies) and ideally 30 to 50 men. We are in charge of making sure the bangers are happy & ready to bang the birthday bangee!

We can use our hands & tits, but mouth is only for individuals who are open to oral. That's the first elimination round!
I'm a HUGE fan of putting my mouth on cocks but I also have specific standards (and soreness could become an issue). That's the second elimination round!

My current bodycount of men is 7 and I've never sucked more than two dicks in one day.

Will my shy side win, with only select individuals getting the special treatment? Or will my slutty side become so irresistible, that I won't say no to sucking each dick that presents itself to me?!

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The market that predated the meme

How do the elimination rounds work?

This is certainly a market to wake up and see

13 - 29

I'm convinced that once you get going you'll get in the flow. But between the two middle options it really just depends on the pace of the event and whether you find favorites

@Stralor I’ve resolved to increase my 7-man body count by 7-fold and Daddy didn’t raise no quitter! But you never really know until you’re in the thick of it.

How does this resolve if 0 or >50? @AnnaCherry

@benshindel There will definitely be at least 1 (my romantic partner is one of the bangers!) and the organizers have elected to cap it at 50 so I’m going with their estimation. Ergo those two are impossible options.

I confirm this marker is real