Will Harry Kane score more goals at EURO 2024 than the entire teams of Poland and Albania combined?
Jul 14

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Matches Played 2

Harry Kane 1

Poland/Albania 5


Harry: 1
Poland/Albania: 4

Harry: 0

Poland/Albania: 4

The underdogs are at it!

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Matches Played 1

Harry Kane 0

Poland/Albania 2

But, Harry Kane will have more matches to score in.

Should not be the problem for Kane to score maybe 1-2 goals!

@Mirek I knew you're going to like this question!

@ukaszBartoszcze Lewandowski, Milik and Swiderski have the vacations booked for Tunisia and will be not letting something be in the way for it! 💪

@Mirek Lewandowski is injured, Świderski too

@ukaszBartoszcze Yes, I am saying they have arranged for it. No work to do in the group stage, while everyone is busy with Euros quarterfinals they will now have beach for themselves with early exit!!! No hope left.

Just to confirm, game goals only (regular time + extra time) and not penalty shootout goals? Thank you!

@10thOfficial penalties during the game time count, penalty shootout don’t. Own goals don’t count as well

Just confirming what happens if it is a tie? Resolves NO because Harry Kane did not score more?

yes precisely

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