Twitch plays manifold

Start betting on Twitch now by linking your account and typing commands in chat!
How it works
Similar to Twitch channel point predictions, Manifold allows you to create a play-money prediction markets on any question you like and feature it in your stream.
The key difference is that Manifold's questions function more like a stock market and viewers can buy and sell shares over the course of the event and not just at the start. The question will eventually resolve to yes or no at which point the winning shareholders will receive their profit.
Instead of Twitch channel points we use our own play money, mana (). All viewers start with Ṁ100 and can earn more for free by betting well.

Twitch Chat Commands

For Chat



Bets # amount of Ṁ on yes, for example !y20 would bet Ṁ20 on yes.



Bets # amount of Ṁ on no, for example !n30 would bet Ṁ30 on no.



Sells all shares you own. Using this command causes you to cash out early based on the current probability. Shares will always be worth the most if you wait for a favourable resolution. But, selling allows you to lower risk, or trade throughout the event which can maximise earnings.



Shows how many shares you own in the current question and what your fixed payout is.



Shows how much Ṁ your account has.

For Mods/Streamer
We recommend streamers sharing the link to the control dock with their mods. Alternatively, chat commands can be used to control questions.

!create [question]


Creates and features a question. Be careful, this will replace any question that is currently featured.

!resolve yes


Resolves the question as 'Yes'.

!resolve no


Resolves the question as 'No'.

!resolve na


Cancels the question and refunds everyone their mana.



Unfeatures the question. The question will still be open on our site and available to be refeatured again. If you plan to never interact with a question again we recommend resolving to N/A and not this command.

Set up the bot for your own stream

screenshot of a stream with a game on the right and Manifold console on the right above chat. The console says "Resolve market", the market name, YES NO N/A buttons, a resolve button, and an unfeature market button.To add the bot to your stream make sure you have logged in then follow the steps below.
Need help? Contact SirSalty#5770 in Discord or email