Will Dead & Company's "The Final Tour" actually be their final tour?

Dead & Company, a band featuring 3 of the original members of the Grateful Dead plus John Mayer (yes, that John Mayer) and other musicians, has titled their 2023 summer tour "The Final Tour." Will it really be their last? This market resolves negatively if Dead & Company, or another band that includes at least one member of the Grateful Dead who is not a drummer, plays at least two concerts, at which they primarily play songs that appeared in Grateful Dead set lists, in at least two different venues, with tickets available for purchase by the public, within a 90-day period after October 31, 2023. It resolves positively either if the death or incapacitation of band members makes a positive resolution impossible, or if an additional tour has not happened by the end of 2027.

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