Clearer Thinking Regrant Project

🏆 $13,000142Sep 30
Which projects will Clearer Thinking give a grant to?

Fantasy Football Stock Exchange

🏆 $2,50029Jan 6
How many points will each NFL player score this season?

CSPI/Salem Forecasting Tournament

🏆 $25,000Jul 31
Top 5 traders qualify for a UT Austin research fellowship.
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Criticism and Red Teaming Contest

7Sep 30
Which criticisms of Effective Altruism have been the most valuable?

SF 2022 Ballot

2Nov 8
Which ballot initiatives will pass this year in SF and CA?

2024 Democratic Nominees

4Nov 2
How would different Democratic candidates fare in 2024?

Private Tech Companies

5Dec 31
What will these companies exit for?

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