Will I submit any assignments late this semester?
resolved Dec 30

Resolution Criteria: This question resolves to YES if I submit any assignments more than 15 minutes past their due dates. It resolves NO if, by the end of the semester, I haven't submitted any assignments more than 15 minutes late. It resolves N/A if I do not complete the semester.

Edge Cases: Taking advantage of a course's late day policy will not cause this market to resolve YES. Any other reason for submitting late will cause this market to resolve yes, including cases of illness, unforeseen circumstances, or requested extensions. A group project where another person submits the assignment will not cause this market to resolve YES so long as all work is completed by the deadline and no points are lost for lateness (this is to ensure that this market's resolution is, as much as possible, dependent on my actions, rather than the actions of others).

Relevant Information: This is my 5th semester of college; an equivalent question would have resolved positively every previous semester. As of this market's creation, I have had two assignments this semester, both of which have been submitted on time.

Insider Trading Policy: I may bet NO on this market to create an incentive for myself. I will not bet YES on this market, I will not sell NO shares for this market, and I will not trade on this market at all once I have completed my penultimate assignment of this semester. If a resolution criterion for this market triggers, I will do my best to close this market before anyone who might bet on this market learns about it.

Oct 2, 11:22pm: Added condition for resolving N/A.

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