Will I enjoy Manifest 2024 more than the original Manifest?
Aug 10

I really enjoyed the original Manifest (probably one of the 3 most fun things I did in 2023), and have bought tickets for Manifest 2024.

Resolves according to my subjective opinion a month after Manifest 2.0 ends. Resolves NA if I don't spend at least 16 hours at Manifest (counting related events e.g. afterparties). This market will close right before the start of Manifest, though I reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the close date until a month before the conference. I won't bet on this market, and won't deliberately try to give anyone an edge on this market, but I am free to chat about my experiences with people in ways that I would have done if I didn't create this market.

Generally happy to answer questions about my experience at Manifest 1.0, or about what types of events I tend to like.

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I'm not planning to go this time, so it will inherently be worse than last year's due to my absence. :P

do you plan to also go to manifest summer camp?

@saulmunn Probably not

bought Ṁ10 YES

>probably one of the 3 most fun things I did in 2023

What were the other two things?