If I go to Vibecamp 2024, will I consider it a plausible candidate for the best n days I've had in 2024?

where n is the number of days I'm at Vibecamp.

I won't bet on this market.

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Have you been before, or to a similar "activity travel with a common interest" (dance camp, sailing course, under-30s vacation)? What were your best n days in 2022?

@fwbt Do math camps count? If so I think those were plausible candidates for the best days of my year in most-to-all of the years I attended

@toms 2022, not sure. I've put in less thought than I will to resolve this market, but currently the plausible candidates are: EAGxBoston or Simcha Torah

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@toms Sounds promising, hope you enjoy it if you do go!