Is more than 90% of the Pile Dataset (~training data for GPT4) plausibly written by men?
closes May 31

Procedure for evaluation:

  • Truly random sample of 100 documents from Pile

  • Establish authorship of sample if possible

  • Release numbers

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jackson polackis predicting NO at 16%

I used a (poorly randomized) sample of a few documents from pile and got (note: for some of these, gender was guessed from name):
unknown 9
male 8
female 2 or 3 (two confirmed, one has a name that seems female, i think they were married to a woman so probably male) - two of sci grant/paper one fashion blogger

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Martin Randall

@jacksonpolack so 20 authors, 18 are "plausibly written by men"? Including as plausible all of men + unknown + "married to a woman so probably male".

How plausible does the gender have to be?

How are we counting jointly authored documents?

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Arthur Conmybought Ṁ10 of YES

What makes you think the Pile is roughly GPT-4 data?

Pile-CC is like 1% vile material and duplicated a lot. I would be somewhat surprised if these haven't been addressed

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