Is Toby Fox a fan of rationalussy?
closes Oct 10

I will email Toby Fox (the creator of Undertale) asking if he likes rationalussy. Resolves YES if he responds with curiosity ("hmm") or approval ("nice"). Resolves NO if he responds with bewilderment ("what") or disgust ("eww"). Resolves N/A if he doesn't respond by market close.

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Lambda Fairy

Wish me luck

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evergreenemily avatar
evergreenpredicts NO

@tfae How does this resolve if his only response is "What the hell?" or similar?

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Lambda Fairy

@evergreenemily I would consider that a NO response. I don't think a fan of rationalussy would compare it to hell

Aboczjr avatar
Andrew Boczpredicts NO

@tfae Perhaps you should have mentioned the market for additional context? I don't expect a response.

tfae avatar
Lambda Fairy

@Aboczjr I don't want to come across as selling something, which mentioning the Manifold market would imply

evergreenemily avatar
evergreenbought Ṁ50 of NO

I bet that's not even the weirdest email he's gotten today.

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not telling

@evergreenemily Does Toby even have a public email address which he checks regularly? He seems like the kind of person that can’t “afford” to spend that much time keeping up with all the correspondence he’d get (because he’d get so many emails.)

evergreenemily avatar
evergreenpredicts NO

@nottelling2ccc Not that I can find with a quick search - there's official Undertale and Deltarune email addresses, but those are mostly for tech support and are answered by Fangamer, not Toby himself.

@tfae Did you use a different email address to contact him for this question?

tfae avatar
Lambda Fairy

@nottelling2ccc That's a possibility – I do have an email address (, but that's from 6 years ago, and I don't know if he still checks it.

That said, I promise to N/A for lack of response, so I don't think that's relevant for deciding which direction to bet on.

Buttocks Cocktoastenbought Ṁ1,000 ofYES
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Lambda Fairy

@ButtocksCocktoasten thank you for believing in me