Will GitHub have incidents on 6 or more days in April 2024?
resolved May 3

Resolved based on https://www.githubstatus.com/history?page=1. Multiple incidents on the same day counts as 1 day. Related incidents that are reported on multiple dates count as different incidents, but incidents that are reported on a single day and end a following day only count for the first day.

For reference, here's the recent outages per month:

  • March: 4

  • February: 7

  • January: 6

  • December: 6

  • November: 8

  • October: 6

Resolves after EOM regardless of outcome.

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Resolves YES @sylv

Looks like at least 8 days

Creator hasn't responded, modresolving YES

@chrisjbillington description says "resolves EOM regardless of outcome" but okay

@sylv Oh I'm sorry. I'll unresolve.

did you mean "April"?

@JuJumper yes, ty