will i listen to 20 different albums by the end of the february?
resolved Feb 29

trying to consume more music recently & listen to more albums in full rather than my liked songs on shuffle

i will update the comments w/ the album once i finish listening to it, taking recs as well

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thank ya'll for the reccomendations @FreshFrier @dogface @mug0 @drewmummy @ZacharyParker i really enjoyed a lot of these

ill probably continue this in march to get to the rest of the recs, so if you have more lmk

Which was the stand out?

@drewmummy hmm thats a tough one but i may have to go with a new world record from ELO, other favorites were love deluxe, tender buttons, easter & chill out

@suzanne Hell yeah. I’ll give the others a listen 💯

album 20: mount eerie - the microphones

album 19: screamadelica - primal scream

bought Ṁ31 YES

my album rec is Mount Eerie by The Microphones

@FreshFrier ah i’ve heard the glow part 2 but haven’t listened to anything else from the microphones, i’ll check it out

album 18: chill out - john lee hooker

bought Ṁ100 YES

I recommend Primal Scream - Screamadelica

album 17: vince staples - vince staples

album 16: kezia - protest the hero

album 15: black metal - dean blunt

bought Ṁ20 YES


Datura Lacroye - Ryncaria (I made this one)

Lemon Demon - Nature Tapes

Gorillaz - Demon Days

Rush - Moving Pictures

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Daft Punk - Discovery

Protest the Hero - Kezia

Between the Buried and Me - Colors

@ZacharyParker yess discovery is one of my favorites of all time. have also checked out in the aeroplane over the sea, demon days & wish you were were

i’ll check out the rest!

album 14: a new world record - electric light orchestra

album 13: machine head - deep purple

album 12: for lovers - lamp

album 11: tender buttons - broadcast

Tony Molina - Kill The Lights

Elliott Smith - Either / Or
Ovlov - Buds

Broadcast - Tender Buttons

@drewmummy ahhh elliott smith one of my favorites of all time, will check out the others 👍

album 10: easter - patti smith

album 9: aloha - son little

album 8: star - belly