Would Manifold prefer their child become a Furry or a Brony?
resolved Apr 22

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I wish to emigrate to Equestria

Manifold is 16.6% furry according to my survey. Not sure what % brony it is. The only data point I have is that 16 out of 168 respondents had watched the My Little Pony movie. But one of those people ranked the movie as bad, and a few said it was only okay, so maybe they're not all bronies.

@PlasmaBallin No way Brony is over 16%

@thepurplebull I agree, though it should be noted that only 6.6% answered "Yes, definitely" to the furry question, with the other 10% coming from people who said they were furries in denial, furry-adjacent, or had overlapping interests, which I treated as various degrees of "partially furry". This was the full breakdown:

@thepurplebull I don't know why I didn't think to look at this earlier, but there are 25 questions in the "Furry" topic and only 6 in the "My Little Pony". There's also a "Brony" topic, but it only has 3 questions: this one, the poll for this one, and the poll I made as a reference to this one and the juggalo one. So it could be argued from the number of markets that furries are 4 to 5 times more popular than MLP on Manifold.

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Is this resolved to % or YES/NO?

@PlasmaBallin yes/no (one option)

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Bronies are kinda creepy IMHO. Furries at least have some sort of culture.

@thepurplebull hmm have you seen that culture

@thepurplebull or brony culture lol

@thepurplebull What is creepy about bronies? I thought it was about people digging pretty friendly sparkly pony land, even though they are not girls.

My sense is this is not the audience for my next riff “You know what is really creepy” so I’ll just leave that to your imagination. On my personal creep scale, bronies are like a 0.001 out of 10. Hard to imagine I’m in a public place minding my own business, a brony pops up and won’t leave, and I judge my best option is throw myself on the mercy of random kind-seeming bystander or bartender to pull me out of the situation.

@thepurplebull the furry subculture probably has more lewd origins fwiw

@strutheo Not going to speculate as to where is the most lewdness. But as far as barging ahead hitting on women who are sitting around in public not looking to be hit on? Neither furries nor bronies are inclined to this in my limited experience.


My sense is this is not the audience for my next riff “You know what is really creepy” so I’ll just leave that to your imagination.

You can't just say something like this and not tell us what it is. Now we have to know. What is really creepy?

@CollectedOverSpread non-epistemic trade

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MLPFiM ended 5 years ago. I think your kid becoming a brony NOW would be a lot weirder than them becoming a furry

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@Marnix I still see a regular influx of people joining the fandom, and there's also the "Generation 5" media.

Did I say son? I am confused

@strutheo the b brony stands for Bro, female fans are pegasisters or something (once they turn adult and it is no longer appropriate to be obcessed with the show)

@hidetzugu lol wow. brony is gender neutral to me but who am i to say

@strutheo https://mylittlebrony.fandom.com/wiki/Pegasisters you now made me have this on my internet history... are you proud?

@hidetzugu i will share the burden with you

@hidetzugu I don't think "pegasisters" ever caught on. I consider "brony" to be gender neutral, and I think that's the most common usage.

@hidetzugu If bronies are male fans, and pegasisters are female fans, what are non-binary fans called? I propose enbicorns.

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