Will new users be charged to post on Twitter / X by the end of 2024 in the USA?
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FYI they already did this in October as a trial so I imagine it's likely they'll expand it if it worked well in select markets

what if they're charged for one particular type or post in one particular niche circumstance? that counts? or are you suggestint it's for any and all tweets?

@shankypanky if new users get a new type of fee/charge in any way to make any sort of post. so even if its 'charge for every tweet after 10 per day' i will resolve this

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does this mean that at the end of 2024, users will have to pay to tweet, or does it mean that at some point in 2024 users will pay to tweet

@Qoiuoiuoiu at some point before EOY 2024 , it can be changed after

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