Will Jimmy Carter become a centenarian?
Oct 1

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I hope jimmy makes to 100!

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Hi this is duke i got 3% wooo

@JoshuaStevens Let's think on about it first Duke!

Jimmy can do it! Not enough positive encouragement in the news cycle for this amazing milestone www.centuryofcarter.com helps build up some great vibes to celebrate him!

@StephenAnder Those are the good vibes!

@benshindel This is old I think.

@Predictor Ya I know I just thought it was a cool pic

@Predictor I think they just told him about the extra peanut butter ice cream portion waiting for him on his 100th birthday

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Y'all are quick to sway with the wind, letting every whisper and rumor blow right through your common sense. https://www.axios.com/2024/05/16/jimmy-carter-health-update

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@SirCryptomind 137 days to go

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@DrDerek I hope all ya’ll are occcupied with something really important when the news breaks so all these limit orders f*ck ya’ll really good. 🤪

135 days to go

@LeonardoKr 134 days to go

Just to remind y'all:

"Novas offered explanations. She said hospice has seen an uptick in patients with dementia, conditions in which “a patient can wax and wane for months or even years.” Another factor — one she said could explain Jimmy Carter’s endurance — is sheer grit."


“somebody who wants to be here is going to stick around for a while.”



Long, longer, Carter

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Doesn’t change anything. He’s been nearing the end for 2 years now

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@potatopenguin It does change your profit graph quite a bit.

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The guy on his deathbed just voted for the Georgia primary: get out and vote this November, @#$!

90% of hospice patients die within a year and 34% of 99 year olds die within a year. Take the geometric mean of the survival probabilities (10% and 66%) to get a per year survival rate of 25%. Jimmy might survive long enough to be elected in 2024 and serve a full term.