Will I complete 24 hours of work between by Sunday? (19.2.24 -> 25.2.24)
resolved Feb 25

In this market, I'm setting myself work goals. I have pretty bad, but medicated, ADHD.

Background Information

I've experienced pet loss recently, and I am sick, but I still have work responsibilities. Let's see how that will go. Today was my birthday, which is why the goal might be lower than the last week. My sleep rhythm is off due to the antibiotics and pet loss.

I've already completed 60 hours of work total within the last 3 weeks.

This week, there is a lot of physical and creative work involved. I'm also getting a Meta Quest 3 this week, that will pose a serious distraction lol

I will post daily updates about how many hours were worked and what distractions there were to provide more datapoints.

How this market will resolve

I only bet YES on this market to set a challenge for myself. Once it resolves, to make it even more clear, I will provide a screenshot of an app I use to track my work time with.

It will resolve NO if I do not hit the target. Even 23/24 would resolve NO, there will not be a percentage resolved.

You may ask questions as you please, I just cannot disclose what I'm working on in a lot of cases due to NDA.

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I had a lot of insomnia and I didn't even hit 10 hrs :(

bought Ṁ25 YES

Disclaimer: I have put 255 Mana into this market on "Yes" to set a goal on myself. I will not pull out (see this previous market that resolved as NO) because I want there to be some form of punishment for failing.

Do not participate in this market if you don't like the idea of me betting on my own success.

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Disclaimer 2: My wife just bet 200 Mana against me tf