will i make jmo 2024?
Mar 19

Index: 196.5/215 AMC10A/B and AIME I

2023 AMC10A Score 116.5 (oops i sillied like four)

2023 AMC10B Score 135 (one silly)

last year AIME score of 6 (i sillied 2 oops)

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what is your aime score

@AbhinavSrinivas 8 on aime i

@traders does anyone know when cutoffs come out 💀

@DenialRiver1434 different test - that's for 10a and aime i, mine is 10b and aime i

@slither that's true but the two tests had nearly identical DHR

@DenialRiver1434 yeah but the aime difficulty was diff

@traders 196.5/215 AMC10A/B and AIME I

bought Ṁ50 NO from 57% to 45%