Do college admissions officers have an overall negative impression of EA?
May 1

Some of my friends are applying to college, and I'm curious about the effect that claiming to be in EA has on admissions.

Resolves to the %PROB of an informal sample that I'll take of admissions officers in prestigious US colleges in the spring of 2024. I'll ask something like: "What are your overall impressions of Effective Altruism?" and subjectively judge whether it's overall negative (note: neutral responses, including "what's Effective Altruism?" don't count as negative). n ≈ 20.

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I think it could be a bit more negative than neutral because some officers will look it up and see it as libertarian coded and therefor bad.

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My answer to this question is mostly determined by what % of admissions officers I expect to have heard of effective altruism. I expect the impression to be more negative than positive, but mostly neutral.

How will you take this sample? My probability is very different if you're sampling randomly vs. among your loose social circle.

@MichaelDickens randomly.

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