Will I get above a 73% on my biology exam?
Jun 17
M$641 bet
This question will resolve to "YES" if I get a mark of 73.1% or higher on my biology final exam today. I am a high school senior who will take my final exam for Grade 12 Biology today. I currently have a 91% in biology, a good sign! Unfortunately, I haven't studied much at all for this exam. I got a 73% on my midterm, and I studied more for that one than this one... This exam will cover biochemistry, metabolic processes, molecular genetics, and homeostasis. I'll be taking this exam later this afternoon, with exam check day on June 15th. Jun 8, 6:36pm: Post exam thoughts: I definitely failed that exam. Probably in the 60's, not sure. Jun 17, 9:54am: 77.5 ON BIO. LFGGGG
Charlie is betting NO at 21%
Smh can’t believe I fell for the old ‘smart kid thinks they failed the exam’.
Ian is betting NO at 21%
@Charlie sheeet, got me too!
Scott Lawrence is betting YES at 21%
@ian The phrase "I definitely failed that exam" is what got me to bet YES, haha.
Matt P is betting YES at 21%
Always nice to win betting on a good outcome. Congrats, OP.