Will OpenAI admit that the new Bing Chat AI (a.k.a Sydney) is a version of GPT-4?
resolved Mar 18

Close date updated to 2023-06-30 12:59 am

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"We are happy to confirm that the new Bing is running on GPT-4, If you’ve used the new Bing in preview at any time in the last six weeks, you’ve already had an early look at the power of OpenAI’s latest model."

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@firstuserhere could you link the source please?

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@firstuserhere Thank you. I think if OA doesn't deny this statement, the market should be resolved yes. I will wait until Saturday.

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If it wasn’t initially, but they change the underlying model then announce that it is now GPT-4 how does this resolve?

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@JimHays In that case, I would resolve NO.

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Isaac King

Here's a market about what it actually is rather than just what OpenAI admits:

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Isn't the point of GPT 4 supposed to be that there will be photos and audio generated as well?

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@blake Well it looks like gpt-3 would be the end of the line for now until there is breakthrough in ML. This is what Open AI has openly said since the release of gpt-3, not directly, but indirectly.