Will my streak show 0 this week?
resolved May 30

There's a reported bug that is preventing some users' (including mine) trading streak from updating despite making trades.

I'm currently at 225 days. If I see the streak gui show less than this, for any length of time, for any reason, even if it's corrected later, this resolves YES.


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I'm resolving this question now, a few hours early. The bug has been fixed and my streak shows 233, which is as high as it needs to go for this market. If something absolutely crazy happens that breaks the streak display today, I can revisit the resolution, but I think that's very unlikely.

Fixed on my end

@TheWabiSabi it looks fixed to me too. It updated today after a small positive trade, it was also confirmed that a bug fix was in over in the leadership approval market.

I'm going to hold this open for the full week. There are some people still holding yes shares, I don't know what they know that I don't... Maybe the bug comes back? Maybe I forget to trade one of the next 4 days? Maybe this is accidentally a mini assassination market now?

Mine is stuck as well

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@robm just sell a minor trade position to trigger the streak. worked for me!

@Jan53274 Thanks, this fixed the same bug for me.

@robm You can use this method to unstick your streak

@JohnGeorgeSalter this worked for me too, and I happened to sell shares after I posted this yesterday, so I'm at 227 now

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