Who will lead Superalignment at OpenAI on July 1?
Jul 2
No one
John Schulman
Ilya Sutskever
Jan Leike

I hope this will have a simple resolution.

Here are some criteria for edge cases that could come up:

  • It doesn't matter if this is a temporary or permanent assignment.

  • If there is a transition on July 1, I'll resolve to the leadership at the end of the day.

  • I hope to resolve to a single name, but if there are co-leaders or a similar situation, I may resolve to a %.

  • "No one" is mostly to cover extreme cases, like the entire team is dissolved. I'll also use this if it's truly unknown after some honest investigation. Even if there is no formal leader, I will try to resolve to whoever is leading the team in practical terms, even if that's a relatively low-level staff member who's taken over operations temporarily.

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I put in some initial limit orders, but I plan to close all my positions here well before market resolution.

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