Will I go for a walk every* morning until the end of the year? (*generous exemptions apply)
Dec 31

I want to take a walk every morning (with a few exceptions) until the end of the year. I'm using markets like this one as a tool, to combat my chronic depression.

So will I go for a walk every morning until the end of the year, except in the following


  • if I am not at home that morning

  • if I have a physical illness or injury that affects my ability to go for a walk

  • if I am either going to the gym or doing outdoor sport (e.g. disc golf) that day

  • if the weather is very bad (heavy rain, snowstorm...), I can go for a walk later in the day if necessary, or skip the walk if the weather doesn't improve

  • if I have an early appointment, I have the option of postponing the walk to a later time on the same day

I will not bet on this market.


A similar market with less generous exemptions already resolved NO after two weeks.

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