Will I go for a 15 minute walk first thing every morning* until the end of April?
Apr 30

I want to take a walk for at least 15 minutes every morning until the end of April. I want to do this before I do anything else (apart from going to the bathroom etc.), aiming to curb morning procrastination, especially smartphone use in bed. The background to this is that I'm trying to develop strategies and routines to combat my chronic depression, with this and other markets.

* If I'm too ill to go for a walk or if I'm not staying at home overnight, I don't have to stick to this rule.

I will not bet on this market.

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Hey @redcat

How’s the walking going? Are you still getting out every morning?

@suzumebatchi Yes, I am. I don't jump out of bed every time, though, I often stay in bed for a while (without doing anything). Sometimes my walk takes me to the gym, or if I have an early appointment, I leave early to make a long detour. In my eyes, this is within the boundaries of this market. What do you think?

I will continue this in some form after April.


I do think what you’ve described is within the bounds of this market, but most importantly, it sounds like it’s helping your mood somewhat, yes?

@suzumebatchi It helps a little, but this alone is not a game changer. It is one of many building blocks and I will need a few more. But Manifold itself is a game changer for me. I've always had the problem of abandoning such goals in the wake of a depressive downturn. I've never been as consistent with such goals as I am now. That's why I'd like to build on this and start more markets like this over time. I want to see what happens when I take it to the extreme, but I don't think I should do too much at once now, but add to it gradually.

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Hey @redcat , how’s it going?

@suzumebatchi So far it's going as planned. I've been lucky with the weather, though. I think I will renew this market in some form after April.

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I’m going to keep betting on you,

@redcat I wonder if @jBosc will join me. ;)

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@suzumebatchi I'm always betting YES on personal goal markets now hahah

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Wishing you amazing and fulfilling success! In my experience— Half the battle is getting out of bed and dressed. The other half is getting out the door! Once walking, no matter the weather, I find it’s totally worth it!

@SusanneinFrance Thank you! I went for my first morning walk today and it was absolutely worth it.

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I believe in you. You can do this. You’re going to feel so much better when you get back from your walk each morning!

@suzumebatchi Thank you. ❤

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I will be watching you closely, do not try to be a lazy ass.

@MichaelVoss aye aye, sir