Will I either go to the gym or do an equivalent workout at least once a week in 2024? ($500M sub)
Dec 31

I'd like to start exercising regularly. I'm in my early 30's and have Dysthymia, which has contributed to me doing almost no exercise in recent years. My physical fitness is at a very low level. However, I got a gym membership a month ago and have been to the gym five or six times since then. For this market, I keep the option of doing other workouts, besides going to the gym.

What do I count as an "equivalent workout"? A few examples:

  • Going for one or more walks (at least 90 minutes)

  • Cycling (at least 90 minutes)

  • Indoor Exercise Bike (at least 90 minutes)

  • Swimming

  • Playing disc golf + any other physical activity (I sometimes play with a colleague, but on it's ownit's not enough of a workout for me)

  • In case of physical illness: half the time/intensity counts (depending on severity), but if I get too sick to do a workout one week, this will resolve NO.

I'll give you regular updates about my progress. If I don't give an update for at least 2 months, a mod may resolve this market with NO.

I may bet on YES without limitations. However, I will not sell my shares early and will not bet on NO.

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So far, everything is going according to plan.

I am no longer ill. In the last few weeks, I have often gone for walks along a nearby river and have stuck to the plan.

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As I already mentioned in two of my other personal goals markets, I currently have the flu. I did a 30 minutes walk today and try to do more in the next few days.

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Good luck!!

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@colorednoise Thank you! ❤

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