Will the next Bitcoin Halving occur on April 20th, 2024 (EDT Time)
resolved Apr 20

Determined if the Bitcoin halving happens between 00:00:01 EDT to 23:59:59 EDT on April 20, 2024. If you don’t follow the date sequence, this is 12:00 (and 1 second) EDT to midnight on april 24th.

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You can see a live updating estimate of when the halving will occur here:


Note the time shown is in your timezone, not UTC, and not EDT which is relevant to this market.

@chrisjbillington It’s going to be close!

@creator are you saying US Eastern Time? The Eastern Time Zone is on daylight time: EDT, not EST

@MattCWilson Yeah fair, EDT time (New York Timezone)

@redacted can you please update the title and description? Most don't bother to read all comments, and some would bet thinking this is UTC-5 (EST) instead of UTC-4 (EDT), and that hour might make a difference. Thanks.

@deagol I just took the liberty of editing the title, doesn't look like I have the power to edit the description though.

@chrisjbillington I’ve edited the description. That work for you both?

@redacted yup that's ok. A small, often trivial wrinkle for me, and this may be just my personal understanding, I think 00:00:00 (midnight) falls on the date of the new day, so I would've set the range as midnight to 23:59:59 on April 20. But there's no need to change it again for this.

Edit: I just noticed it says april 24th at the end, maybe that does merit a fix.

@deagol Sorted!