Will Manifold add more features by June2024 which make comments more of a first class output?
resolved Jul 1

In order for this market to resolve to yes, one of the following will need to occur:

(note these will have to be more features and not already existing ones)

1. a push / websocket like API is added to can get realitime alerts on new comments in a market
2. some incentive / scoring method of whether users can post predictions in the comments along with their reasoning. Scoring method can take any form, but intention needs to be about how usefull the prediction

3.same as 2, but some type of incentive / scoring method around posting news URLS - perhaps with or without comments

4. more features around 'reply with bet' would work well here, especially leaderboards etc.

not that scoring methods can really be anything - automated, programmatically correlated with price movements, or just likes from other users. But the likes can not be generic likes, rather they have to be document to be about 'how useful is this as both an accurate prediction and providing reasoning for such?'

See my suggestion here for more context - https://discord.com/channels/915138780216823849/1182918452588060743/1182918452588060743

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@mods Resolves NO, right? Creator seems to be inactive.

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@qrdlkaggle You can reply to trades as well. That's how the topline stuff works.

Oh I see I can comment here, saying this will very likely happen. Submit and then click reply with bet
@WilliamEhlhardt thanks for the headsup

The fact that I can edit this comment afterwards seems wrong though. Also it's a bit of a strange UI, imho and doesn't really servce the goal of the above.

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Would the "reply with a bet" button count, if it didn't already exist?

@WilliamEhlhardt I think so, do you have a link with more information?

@qrdlkaggle I don't have a link with more info. It's just a button below each comment that you can click on right now. It looks like this:

If you click it and make a bet, the bet you made is shown below the comment.

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@WilliamEhlhardt oh .. didn't notice that. well, it'd have to be something new :) i'll clarify that.
It's an interesting feature for sure. but it doesn't look like it's being scored or if it is, very curious as to how

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@WilliamEhlhardt some type of leaderboard activity and scoring features Added to the reply with bet would definitely count. I see that I actually did mention 'more features' in the title

@qrdlkaggle Yeah, I wasn't claiming that it should resolve this market YES; I was wondering if it would count if it were added after you created this market.

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