FIFA 2022 World Cup $1000 Competition

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The intent of this tournament is to reward individuals who are best at predicting and live trading about the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup.

A total prize pool of $500USD will be shared amongst the top 5 traders.

A couple of new markets will be added weekly in addition to the existing collection.

Trading will cease at half-time for markets predicting the result of a match. This is to allow some live trading while ensuring users who are predicting in advance aren’t significantly disadvantaged by people who are on the site 24/7.


  1. USD prizes will be awarded to the top 5 traders on the leaderboard in proportion to the profit earned in this group (excluding members of the Manifold team).

  2. Only 1 account per person can trade in this market.

  3. Don't collude with other people to inflate your or their profits.

    • E.g. don't transfer money to your friend's account via betting a market artificially high/low and having them correct it.

  4. All forms of trading are allowed (including API and limit orders).

  5. Markets may occasionally be sourced from users, Manifold will make sure these markets are resolved correctly. If users wish to maintain full autonomy over their markets they may request their market removed from the tournament before a resolution is met.

  6. Manifold reserves the right to modify rules, exclude participants, and other changes necessary to abide by the spirit of this tournament.

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@ManifoldMarkets so is it $1000 or $500?

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Also would you be interested in me making more markets like this one:

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Are you going to include all markets from or just select a limited amount of markets that you select?