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Markets related to Destiny the streamer and community.
Thanks to MrGemzar for letting us use his art as a header image.


We can now redeem 1000 mana for a DGG Tier 1 subscription on

General advice

  • The website is made for classic bets. “Stocks” are messier, but they mostly work OK.

  • Sort the markets by “newest”, “closing soon” etc. to scoop interesting deals.

  • Filter out terms in the search by using the minus sign, e.g. -permanent

  • Use limit orders to target a specific probability range.

  • It’s a general-purpose platform, our community is one of many playing here. You may find questions that interest you in other public groups too.

  • More advice has been posted below in the official “Welcome explanation for newcomers from Destinygg!

When creating new DGG markets

The website rules are very permissive for now, we’ll keep an eye out if anything changes affecting us (cf. community guidelines, best practices when creating markets).

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Initial discussions and comments on the subreddit:,